Why AI Chatbots Might Be Good For SEO

Eli Schwartz and Kevin Indig believe that AI chatbots are likely to decrease organic traffic, but they also mention the possibility of increasing the quality of organic traffic.

After Bing and Microsoft both announced new AI chatbots in Search, Marketers are worried that search engines won’t send traffic to websites anymore. However, what if sites receive less but more qualified traffic?

Eli Schwartz and Kevin Indig believe that AI chatbots are likely to decrease organic traffic, but they also mention the possibility of increasing the quality of organic traffic. You can tune in to their podcast to learn how we think about AI chatbots in Search, what search arbitrage is, and whether users change their habits.

Here are my thoughts after listening to their podcast:

Why Can AI Chatbots Benefit Your SEO Strategy?

AI chatbots have recently been making waves in the world of SEO, with many marketers expressing concern that they may lead to a decline in organic traffic. However, experts Eli Schwartz and Kevin Indig suggest that chatbots could enhance the quality of organic traffic to your site. I will explain why AI chatbots might be good for your SEO strategy and how they can help you attract more targeted visitors.

Decreased Organic Traffic, But Improved Quality?

Bing and Microsoft’s recent announcement of AI chatbots in Search has left many marketers uneasy. However, it’s essential to consider that chatbots may not necessarily decrease the quantity of organic traffic but rather improve the quality. In addition, chatbots can help attract more targeted visitors to your site who are genuinely interested in what you offer rather than just stumbling upon your site by accident.

Reduction of Search Arbitrage

The rise of chatbots could also lead to a reduction in search arbitrage. It is the practice of purchasing low-cost, low-quality traffic through search ads, then funneling that traffic to high-converting pages on your website. With chatbots, search arbitrage may become less effective, leading to a reduction in low-quality traffic and an increase in high-quality organic traffic.

The Impact on Product Review and E-Commerce Sites

Although chatbots can provide quick and easy answers to many questions, some users may still prefer to visit product review sites and e-commerce sites for more profound pre-purchase research. In addition, these sites often provide more detailed and thorough information that may not be available through a chatbot. Therefore, product review and e-commerce sites may experience less of an impact from the rise of chatbots than other types of sites.

Effect on Curiosity-Based Sites

Sites like Ehow.com and Quora.com, which provide answers to users’ curiosity-based questions, may be negatively impacted by chatbots. However, sites like Reddit, which are more community-driven, are likely to be less affected by the rise of chatbots.


While the rise of AI chatbots may initially seem like a threat to your SEO strategy, it’s essential to consider their potential benefits. Chatbots can help attract more targeted visitors to your site, reduce search arbitrage, and ultimately enhance the quality of your organic traffic. By understanding how chatbots work and their potential impact on different types of sites, you can take steps to optimize your SEO strategy and stay ahead of the competition.

Finally, it would be best if you considered adding an AI-powered chatbot to your site. I will discuss what you can do about this in my next article.



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