Online SEO Training:

Don’t be upset that you can’t send your team to a search engine conference or training. Instead, provide distance SEO training with the online SEO training program that we will prepare specifically for your company’s needs. Please submit your online training application; let’s manage the SEO project of a website of your choice for four weeks using the Semrush tool and the Trello online project management system.

Advantages of Online SEO Training

  • Study whenever you want with a flexible schedule 
  • Rewatch video recordings of training sessions at any time 
  • Continue to use the essential reference resources in the Trello Online Project Management system after the training. 
  • Get answers to your questions from Trello within hours from our experts during the training.

Online SEO Training Scope

  • First of all, we learn about your expectations from your site. Then, by gaining access to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts, we review your site in terms of SEO and user experience. 
  • Then, we will prepare a unique online training program for you. 
  • We provide you with the Semrush tool for free for 30 days. 
  • Using the Semrush and Trello online project management system, we create SEO procedures tailored to your needs. 
  • We create a unique SEO roadmap for you to apply after the training.


Online SEO Training of Your Marketing Team

After the training, your Marketing team will learn about the must-haves and should never do SEO. They will also know how traditional marketing and search engines affect each other. Then, with the right search engine strategies, they will learn how to use search engines effectively to promote a new product or service.

Online SEO Training of Your IT Team

Your IT team plays a vital role in your company’s operations. Because it’s their job to keep computer systems running safely and correctly, it’s a good idea for them to understand why your search engine optimization project is vital to developing and operating your organization’s website. Thus, they can have information about the effect of natural search engine traffic, obtained through search engine optimization, on your web server, connection, and response times. In addition, they will learn from real cases why constantly improving page load speed is essential for SEO performance and conversion from your site.

Online SEO Training of Your Executive Team

Managers need to understand how search engine optimization is performed and how they can incorporate SEO into their business processes. Thus, they have more reasonable expectations from SEO work and can better determine the necessary budgets and targets. In addition, they can evaluate SEO / online marketing ideas and suggestions from an informed perspective.