Don’t send your team to a search engine conference or training. We will give the SEO training you need with a specific training program that meets your needs.

How Do We Do This?

We are preparing a customised training program just for your brand to increase your SEO project efficiency. On-site training is an effective and low-cost alternative to help your team to learn routine SEO practices. We are preparing special scenarios just for your company and we are teaching your team about SEO for post-training applications.

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Who Can Benefit? “Your Marketing Team”

Your marketing team can significantly contribute or damage to SEO. After this training, your marketing team will learn about the things they should do and should not do about SEO. Also, they will learn how traditional marketing and search engines impact each other. With correct search engine strategies, they will learn how to effectively use search engines to promote a new product or a new service.

Who Can Benefit? “Your IT Team”

Your IT team has a vital role in your company operations. Since they are responsible for the security and accuracy of computer system operations, it is beneficial for your IT team to understand why search engine optimisation is important for corporate website development and operations. This way, they can learn about the impact of organic search engine traffic driven by search engine optimisation on your web servers, connection and response time. They will learn why constant page loading speed improvement is important for your SEO performance and website conversions.

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Who Can Benefit? “Managers”

Managers need to understand how search engine optimisation happens and how they can include SEO to business processes. This way, they will have reasonable expectations from SEO work and they can set required budgets and targets better. They can assess SEO/online marketing ideas and recommendations with a conscious perspective.

Benefits from Having SEO Training At Your Office:

  • Freedom to ask and get answers about private matters of your company that you cannot obtain in any other SEO training (We sign Privacy Contract!).

  • Save from travel time and cost of your employees

  • Save from food and accommodation cost of your employees

  • Benefit from training programs that meets your specific and custom needs.

Stress-free Training Approach

With our long years of experience in SEO and Corporate SEO Training, your employees will have a completely different and “stress-free” approach for search engine optimisation and they will develop top-level SEO expertise in a short period. We will create step-by-step SEO procedures for your employees. This way, they will know which methods to follow for different cases.

They will know the most up-to-date search engine trends and they will learn what they can do to improve your website to have top ranks in competitive search queries. This way, they will learn how to make important conversions for your business on your website.

Stop wasting your money and time of your employees. Plan training according to your business needs. Have SEO Training just like you are having Consultancy Service.

How Do We Offer Our Training?

  • We can train professional or previously employed candidates. Also, we can deal with CV collection and filtering, pre-interview and pre-selection with candidates. This way, our customers can choose candidates who are sure to fit for that position.

  • Depending on customer requirements, our consultants will recommend a certain training plan. We will identify fundamental skills and competencies that candidates need to acquire and we will prepare our training for these purposes.

  • We will accompany your team daily, we will help them to make the best decisions and we will explain why some options are better than the other solutions. This way, after the training they can make the most accurate decisions for different scenarios.