B2B Content Marketing: AI + Human Way to Success

As Stradiji, we have been helping businesses succeed in digital marketing since 2010. Our team, specialising in B2B content marketing, develops strategies to help you reach your target audience and increase conversion rates even in the most challenging sectors. Thanks to our AI + Human approach, we offer the highest quality in content production. If you request, we manage the content production process on your behalf by receiving offers from content services.

Why B2B Content Marketing?

In B2B marketing you need to have a content strategy, know your audience and reach them with the right content. The main benefits of B2B content marketing are:

  • Building Trust: Quality and informative content makes your business an authority in its industry.
  • Organic Traffic: You can get more organic traffic by ranking high on Google with SEO content.
  • Conversion Rates: You can increase your conversion rates with content that speaks to your audience.

AI + Human Content Production

As Stradiji, we use artificial intelligence and human collaboration at the highest level in content production. There are many downsides to content produced by artificial intelligence and content that doesn’t go through human eyes. You can read our detailed article on this here. AI’s ability to provide fast data analysis and content suggestions combined with human writers’ creativity and finesse gives excellent results.

Content Services

If you request, we manage the content production process on your behalf by obtaining bids from industry-recognized content services. These services deliver high-quality content customized to your business needs.

SEO Content Strategies

SEO is one of the foundations of digital marketing and makes your content rank high on Google. As Stradiji we help you get more organic traffic by developing SEO content strategies. Our services include:

  • Keyword Research: We identify the right keywords for your business’ target audience and shape your content around those words.
  • SEO Content Production: We increase your website visibility by producing original and SEO content.
  • Conversion Oriented Content: We create content that responds to the needs and desires of your target audience and increases conversion rates.