What is SEO?

SEO, short for “Search Engine Optimization” service, is the channel that generates the highest conversion in digital marketing today. SEO aims to highlight the site’s most relevant, accurate, and descriptive pages in the queries made by the users targeted by any website on specific search engines such as Google. The whole process of effectively learning the current ranking criteria of Google and other major search engines and making the necessary improvements is called SEO.

Our SEO Approach

At Stradiji, we have been providing SEO Consulting Services since 2009. In this process, we witnessed critical stages of SEO. Recently, the user experience and content quality have come to the fore on Google’s side. Therefore, in our opinion, SEO should now be defined as “Search Experience Optimization” – “Search Experience Optimization” instead of “Search Engine Optimization” or “Search Engine Optimization.”

We see that creating a website and content that meets the expectations of our customer’s target audience has become imperative for a successful SEO project. In addition, your organic traffic must meet your sales and brand awareness expectations. Our conversion optimization service also ensures that your ever-increasing organic traffic turns into sales.

SEO Analysis Stage

After learning your expectations from the SEO project and your target audience, we quickly analyze your site by accessing your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts and identifying the points that need improvement. At this stage, we use Semrush competition analysis tools and SEO crawlers such as Screaming Frog / Sitebulb. After the analysis, we create an SEO roadmap for your needs.

SEO Project Stage

We create a unique Semrush project for your site and give you read-only access through a free Semrush account you make. Thus, you can follow the essential developments in the SEO project.

SEO is not a job that an SEO agency can handle alone. We create a unique SEO project for your site in the Trello online project management system and invite your team. You can track all the project stages and ongoing SEO tasks through the Trello project management system. Even after our agreement has ended, you can access the Trello project.