SEO, short for “Search Engine Optimization” is the channel that creates the biggest alternation in digital marketing today. SEO aims to put forward the most relevant, true and informative pages on a website when a target audience uses search engines like Google. The whole process of understanding the criteria of the up to date ranking done by main search engines like Google and working to better this matter is called SEO.



As Stradiji we have been giving SEO Consultancy Service since 2009. Throughout the years we have witnessed many important phases of SEO. As of 2019, the search process does not only consist of the classic ways but now we are also dealing with voice searches, smart assistants, international searches and local searches.  


For us, Search Engine Optimization should be defined as Search Experience Optimization. We consider it our first goal for our customers to have a website and content within that meets the expectations of the target audience to carry out a successful SEO operation.  

2019 ücretli ve ücretsiz seo araçları


Due to the fact of Google’s emphasis on the updated algorithms that put forward websites which are qualified and meet the expectations of the users, to us, high rankings on search results are not a benchmark of success to a good SEO project. To us, a good SEO project aim is to create a website that has high user interaction and qualified content that meets the needs of the users, therefore achieving a regular increase in alternation.

Keyword Analysis

We understand and learn your desired target audience and alternation goals and form a keyword list that is special to your website.

Content Strategy

Based on your keywords and target audience we create a content strategy for your website.

Knowledge Architecture

After creating your keyword list and content strategy that is exclusive to your website, we share our opinions through knowledge architecture.

Competitor Website Analysis

We report the strengths and weaknesses and the SEO works of your competitors’ websites.

UX & Alternation Suggestions

We share our user experience suggestions that will improve the alternation through organic traffic.

International SEO

We create a special SEO infrastructure for your website so that you can target different countries and languages effectively.

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