Online PR Management:

We see that online PR activities and brand awareness are vital for Google. For example, Gary Illyes, one of the Google engineers interviewed at the Pubcon 2017 conference, stated that the frequent presence of a brand name on popular news sites positively affects the Google algorithm and contributes positively to the rankings of the brand’s website.

Why Should You Invest in Online PR in Your SEO Project?

Online PR refers to the communication work done in the digital field through search engines, news sites, social media channels, blogs, and forums. The primary purpose of these studies is to increase brand awareness and brand name searches.

In recent years, the effect of the backlink profile on the rankings has been decreasing. The companies’ websites that have succeeded in branding in their sector provide an advantage in the rankings.

Our Stradijic Online PR Approach

As Stradiji, we recommend the brands we work with invest in online PR and brand awareness, which Google attaches more and more importance to, instead of conducting backlink studies.

Thus, we increase your brand awareness by ensuring that your brand name is mentioned on popular news sites, and we also give your website an advantage in Google rankings by enabling more people to search for your brand name on Google.

Online PR Management with our Business Partner B2Press

Thanks to our cooperation with our business partner, B2Press, we prepare your SEO-compatible press releases and serve them in more than 30 countries.

We manage your exceptional news work and interviews. In addition, we follow and report your news.

If you want to do online PR work in cooperation with Stradiji and B2Press, you can fill out the form by choosing the package that suits your budget and target. Then, when you submit the form, we will contact you immediately.

Online PR Management