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As the Stradiji team, which has been constantly evolving since 2010, we offer you reliable and customized solutions in all areas of digital marketing. We strengthen your digital presence and increase your conversions with our SEO, CRO, Google Ads, Content, and Web Analytics services. Contact us now and discover how we can guide you on your digital journey.

Our Expert Services

SEO Consultancy Service

We craft your SEO and content strategy to ensure your organic traffic goals are met and optimize your visibility on Google.

Conversion Optimization

We draw potential customers to your site through organic search results and enhance your conversion rates by fulfilling site expectations.

Remote SEO Training – Consulting

Our remote SEO training and consulting services empower your SEO team with our expertise, supporting them throughout their projects.

Google Ads Consultancy

At Stradiji, we leverage our extensive experience in digital marketing to provide our clients with the most effective and efficient solutions. By integrating our SEO services with Google Ads campaigns, we help you achieve higher returns with lower ad budgets.

Web Analytics Services

At Stradiji, we offer comprehensive web analytics services to optimize your digital presence and maximize your performance. With GA4, Google Tag Manager, and data analysis integrations, we help you make data-driven decisions.

Online PR Consultancy

In partnership with B2Press, we craft SEO-compatible press releases and distribute them across more than 30 countries.

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Share about your business, target audience, and any SEO challenges you’re facing.

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We thoroughly assess your site and competitors to craft a personalized strategy.

We Create an Offer

We outline our strategy in a detailed proposal for your review.

Let’s Work Together

Upon approval, we kickstart your project with Semrush and Trello, ensuring a seamless workflow.

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Leveraging our extensive experience with major Turkish companies, we share proven, up-to-date SEO practices through our blog.

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Digital Marketing Notes


A dynamic team, up to date with all the latest trends in SEO, and who are able to adapt and deliver on clients exact and individual needs. They are loyal and trustworthy individuals willing to go over and above for each of their clients. I would highly recommend their services.

Chanél Kruger

Customer Relationship Manager

Stradiji team gave us rational support to expand our venture. They helped us grow in a niche industry with his suggestions apart from the classical SEO methods and did not let go of the business. Also, thank you for your warm and sincere approach.

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