The Future of Post-Corona SEO

The world and our country are going through a difficult and uncertain period. It does not seem possible that SEO projects and SEO consultants are not affected by this situation. Together with Koray Tuğberk Gübür and Atakan Erdoğan, we discussed the issue by making a live YouTube broadcast titled “The Future of Post-Corona SEO.”

We tried to answer the following questions as much as we can in the live YouTube broadcast:

– The Future of SEO. What developments and Google updates are waiting for us next?

– How to manage an SEO project remotely? What tools can be used? How is time management done?

In our meeting, I shared the blog post that I prepared for those who need to manage SEO projects and provide consultancy remotely. You can read through this link: Remote SEO Consulting and Project Management

Koray Tuğberk Gübür shared with us the developments in the post-coronavirus in the world of Google and SEO, with an excellent presentation. You can find the presentation below:


Based on current Google developments, Atakan Erdoğan, shared the valuable methods he followed while producing content for a UK-based plastic surgeon customer and choosing a keyword.

Finally, we are going through a difficult period. Many of our friends who provide freelance SEO and professional SEO consulting may have to lose their jobs in this process. It is time for solidarity.

Let’s continue to stay in our house, be in solidarity, and protect our elderly. I wish everyone a good week.



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