Advantages of Using Google Ads and SEO Together

Most business owners understand the impact of SEO and PPC. But have you considered combining these two marketing strategies?

Various tools and methods are used in digital marketing to develop a successful strategy. Among these, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Ads are two of the most effective methods. The integrated use of these two powerful tools significantly benefits businesses and helps them achieve higher performance.

As Stradiji Digital Marketing, we are generally an SEO agency. However, there are also many companies that we provide Google Ads consultancy integrated with SEO. When providing this service, we aim to synchronize SEO and Google Ads ads, reduce the advertising budget and increase conversions. Based on these experiences, I have summarized the synergies and advantages of using SEO and Google Ads together below:

Comprehensive Keyword Strategy

Using Google Ads and SEO together creates a more comprehensive and effective keyword strategy. While Google Ads is used for instant returns and quick results, SEO is ideal for long-term organic traffic growth. Integrating these two strategies helps you reach more users by taking advantage of the best aspects. When doing keyword research, Google Ads data shows which words get the most clicks, and this data can be used in SEO strategies.

Increased Visibility and Traffic

While SEO ensures that your website ranks high in organic search results, you gain instant visibility by advertising with Google Ads. Combining these two strategies provides greater visibility in organic and paid searches and significantly increases traffic to your site. Thus, while you can achieve quick results in the short term, you can create a permanent online presence in the long term.

Better Data Analysis

Integrating Google Ads and SEO strategies allows you to analyze data from both platforms and make better decisions. While Google Ads shows which keywords get the most clicks and conversions, SEO strategies can use this data for long-term optimization. This way, you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and use your budget more efficiently.

Increasing Conversion Rates

With Google Ads, you can quickly reach your target audience and increase conversion rates. Conversely, SEO improves the user experience of your website and helps visitors stay on your site longer.

Cost Efficiency

Google Ads and SEO integration enable more efficient use of your marketing budget. When the instant results of Google Ads are combined with the long-term benefits of SEO, you can achieve higher returns at a lower cost. This is a considerable advantage, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Extra Benefits of SEO and Google Ads Integration

  • Comprehensive Competitive Analysis: It will benefit you to conduct a competitive analysis on your SEO and Google Ads strategies and observe what your competitors are doing and which methods work for them. This information will help you shape your strategy more effectively.
  • Advanced Targeting: You can target specific demographic groups, interests, and geographic areas with Google Ads. This targeting data can also be used in your SEO strategies so content and keyword optimization can become more specific.
  • More Conversion Data: Google Ads allows you to track your conversion rates, which you can use in your SEO strategies. Knowing which pages and content have the highest conversion rates helps optimize your SEO strategy.
  • Instant Feedback and Adaptation: Google Ads campaigns provide instant feedback and results. This data allows you to adapt and optimize your SEO strategies quickly. For example, a keyword that performs well in a Google Ads campaign can also become a priority in your SEO efforts.

Key Benefits of SEO and Google Ads Integration

Here are the top 5 benefits of integrating SEO and Google Ads:

  • Better Keyword Targeting: Sharing keyword data between SEO and SEM teams can help identify new and untapped opportunities and improve keyword performance.
  • Better Understanding Keyword Intent: Combining insights from SEO and SEM teams can help identify unique phrases that resonate most with your target audience, leading to better ad copy and meta descriptions.
  • Improved Landing Page Relevance for SEM: SEO insights can improve landing page quality, which impacts the success of Google Ads, ad rankings, and cost per click.
  • Increasing the Relevance of SEO Content: Integrating SEO and SEM teams can lead to more strategic content creation, resulting in higher-quality content that resonates more with the target audience.
  • More Strategic Allocation of Digital Marketing Costs: SEO and SEM teams can optimize budget allocation by combining forces, increasing revenue and better return on investment.

After the Google algorithm leak, there were signs that Google was using Google Chrome user data to determine organic search results. If this is true, there is also a possibility that Google Ads campaigns could be affecting organic search results.

Points to be considered

It is essential to pay attention to some points when integrating SEO and Google Ads strategies:

  • Keyword Selection: SEO and Google Ads campaign keywords must be selected carefully. When doing keyword research, it is essential to determine the most effective words for both strategies.
  • Data Tracking and Analysis: To increase their effectiveness, regular tracking and analysis of data from both strategies is necessary. This data helps you determine which keywords and campaigns are more successful.
  • User Experience: For SEO and Google Ads campaigns to succeed, it is essential to focus on user experience. Your website should load quickly, be mobile-friendly, and have a user-friendly design.
  • Conversion Optimization: Continuous optimization is necessary to increase SEO and Google Ads campaign conversion rates. By analyzing the behaviour of your target audience, you can improve your campaigns and website accordingly.

Integration of SEO and Google Ads can make your digital marketing strategies more powerful and effective. Thanks to this integration, you can reach a wider audience, increase conversion rates and use your marketing budget more efficiently. Don’t ignore SEO and Google Ads integration to achieve your business’s digital marketing goals. Using these two strategies together can create the perfect combination to achieve short- and long-term goals.


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