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Google Releases December 2022 Helpful Content Update

Google began rolling out a helpful content update on December 5, 2022, this time for all languages.

Google Releases December 2022 Useful Content Update
Google has confirmed that another helpful content update has started rolling out in search results. The update started on December 5 and will take up to two weeks to complete. This update differs from the others in that it applies to all languages.

The December 2022 proper content update builds on the helpful content system Google introduced in August.

In Google’s new terminology, a ranking “system” refers to an augmentation of Google’s algorithm, which runs continuously in the background. An algorithm “update” relates to improvements to the ranking systems.

Google’s helpful content system is designed to reward web pages created for people rather than search engines. In addition, it aims to recognize content that adds unique value to the web beyond what other publishers typically offer.

This update to the helpful content system covers all languages and may include new signals or adjustments to previous signals. Unfortunately, Google does not provide specific details about updates to its ranking systems.

If Google’s helpful content system affected your website in August and you’ve made efforts to improve your site, it’s possible that you could see your rankings improve with the December update.

On the other hand, there are also adverse effects associated with algorithm updates. For example, if you received little or no positive impact from the August update, that could change with the December update.

Google’s helpful content system received a lot of criticism over the summer for being too “ineffective.” Does this mean that this update will be more noticeable?

We’ll have to wait and see in the coming days and weeks. SEO expert Marie Haynes shared some thoughts.

I recommend that you make the following questions from the Google reference page a checklist for evaluating the content quality of each of your pages. For example, if you are experiencing a ranking drop that coincides with this update, you should first identify which of your pages have been negatively affected by this update. You can then evaluate the content quality of these pages within the framework of the following questions.


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