Things You Should Know About Google’s Search Generative Experience

Google’s new Search Generative Experience (SGE) will revolutionize the SEO industry.

The advent of Artificial Intelligence has the SEO world excited about all its implications on technology and what it means for the overall human race. From increasing efficiency tenfold to helping create new ideas and new directions, the effects of AI are numerous and fascinating.

As positive as AI is for the world, as researchers and numerous academics continue to warn us, there is a much darker side to the emergence of this new paradigm. So much so that it could potentially lead to the extinction of the human species, but despite its dark side, there are also many bright sides.

No field was more unprepared for this evolving paradigm than search. With Google and Microsoft entering the fray, we have seen transformative changes in the world of search, especially when it comes to Google’s SGE (Search Generative Experience). This new user interface is powered by artificial intelligence, which creates a whole new way to experience search.

To learn more about how Search Generative Experience will affect Google and all its implications on the SEO world, you can read the article written by Tomasz Rudzki.

To summarise the article;

  • SGE brings significant changes to how search works and how it looks. AI-generated answers are shown at the top of the search results.
  • Access is limited to beta testers who have joined the waiting list. If rolled out worldwide, we think this will have a significant impact
  • SEO experts must find strategies to rank high in search results and use artificial intelligence to keep up with competitors. There will be no substitute for this practice.
  • Website owners will have to adapt quickly to the SGE, which could significantly impact how people search the web. It will be helpful for website owners to know how this will affect how their site is viewed and how to capitalize on these changes.
  • For anyone who works with Google Search for a living, the SGE could drastically change how they monetize. The old ways may no longer work, meaning everyone in search, not just SEO professionals, must be on their toes.

We have a very challenging process ahead of us. Artificial Intelligence chat-based search engines have become widespread very quickly. Most ordinary users are continuing their old search habits. However, with the introduction of SGE as a standard feature of Google search, they can quickly adapt to this new search. This will mean less and less traffic to their sites.

Our next job seems to be to understand this new search experience and try to grab a position here. As an SEO expert, you should know that this development is inevitable this year. This is not a prediction of SEO experts, such as “this year will be the year of voice search!”, which later turned out to be wrong, but the reality itself.


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