The Opportunities and Threats ChatGPT Brings to the SEO World

As a guest of Zemin Istanbul, I gave a presentation on the opportunities and threats that ChatGPT brings to the SEO world.

Last Tuesday, we shared our experiences on ChatGPT and made projections for the future with my dear Çağrı Küpeli and Fatih Kadir Akın, as the guests of Zemin Istanbul. Since it was asked a lot, I wanted to share the presentation I made at the event.

From an SEO perspective, ChatGPT and other AI tools come with both opportunities and threats.

The biggest threat is that the Bing search engine will launch ChatGPT in search results in March. Google is preparing to respond to this. This can mean that most search queries are answered in search engine results and fewer visitors to sites.

Another threat is the possibility of misleading content produced by artificial intelligence, far from reflecting real experiences, and rapidly covering the entire web. This stands before us as a serious problem. Already, many website owners place the content produced by ChatGPT on their website without question and are discussing whether it can be noticed by Google.

It may not be a good idea to place artificial intelligence-generated content on your site as it is, without ever checking and editing it. It is out of the question for such content to fully satisfy users, let alone Google.

If you want to produce content produced with artificial intelligence and compatible with Google algorithms, you can review my presentation titled “Creating Content Compatible with Google Algorithms with Artificial Intelligence“, which I regularly update.

Another thing you can do is to treat artificial intelligence content creation as a topic of your content production process, and then ask an expert on your subject whether it meets the checklist Google shared with the useful content update.

With our Content Evergreen brand, we have provided consultancy to many companies to produce content compatible with Google algorithms. You can contact us especially for your English content on this site.

So, will ChatGPT take our jobs?

This is possible if you are indifferent to it and ignore it. Anyone can use such tools in their area of ​​expertise to increase their productivity and efficiency.

We may have lagged the printing press, but this trend is only at the beginning. Instead of resisting this wind, we can take it behind us and inflate the sails.

Here is my presentation titled “Opportunities and Threats ChatGPT Brings To The SEO World”:

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