New Perspective from Google: How Should We Update Our SEO Strategies?

Google Search Relations executive Danny Sullivan shares essential insights on SEO approaches. Interpretation of Google documents and effective SEO strategies.

This week, I’ll cover essential changes in Google’s approach, including Danny Sullivan’s post on Mastodon. Sullivan’s post on Mastodon gives the SEO community a new perspective on interpreting Google’s documents and guidance.

Sullivan’s post and presentation call the SEO community to think more critically about Google’s algorithms and documentation.

In particular, he points out that the general goals stated in Google’s documentation do not necessarily mean the algorithm is looking for specific elements on your site. Sullivan notes that Google’s recommendations on content trustworthiness do not mean that the algorithm is looking for these attributes but that these attributes can be used when evaluating content.

In light of this information, how can we improve our SEO strategies? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Understand Overall Goals:

Consider the suggestions in Google’s documentation as general goals and best practices, not as features the algorithm is looking for directly.

  • Think Critically:

Use your critical thinking skills when interpreting Google’s guidance. Instead of taking every suggestion to the letter, consider how these suggestions can fit into your overall SEO strategies.

  • Produce Credible Content:

Content credibility is one of the general goals Google recommends. Increase the credibility of your content by providing information about the author and detailed background information.

Use Google’s documentation to understand users’ needs and expectations and improve your site’s user experience.

  • Monitor Google’s Updates:

Stay on top of updates to algorithms and guidance by closely following Sullivan’s posts and Google’s official announcements.

We should remember that Danny Sullivan’s posts and Google’s new perspectives on SEO guidance can lead us to make significant changes in our SEO strategies. In light of this information, adaptation and continuous learning remain keys to success in the digital world.


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