March 2024 Google Update Completed: Key Changes & SEO Tips

The Google March 2024 Core Update is complete. How did it impact your site? Find essential tips for optimizing your SEO.

On 26 April 2024, Google officially announced the completion of the March 2024 Core Update, which caused fluctuations in web rankings for a month. This update included significant changes to the algorithm that evaluates websites’ overall quality and relevance. Although the update was completed a week ago, the delay in the official announcement raised questions.

Update Overview

Google’s March 2024 Core Update is a significant change intended to improve the quality of search results and reduce the prevalence of useless SPAM content. This update targeted low-originality content, including content auto-generated by artificial intelligence.

Primary Changes and Their Impact on SEO

  • Reducing Low-Quality Content: Google aimed to reduce unoriginal and low-quality content by 40%. We do not know to what extent they have achieved this. This change emphasizes the need for websites to focus on creating high-quality, original content that provides real user value.
  • Removing Sites from the Index: Many sites, especially those hosting AI-generated content, were de-indexed, leading to significant declines in organic search traffic and advertising revenue for those affected. This shows that Google is taking a stricter stance against sites that rely on automated content.
  • Adjustments to Link Signalling: The update changed the way Google evaluates links, emphasizing quality over quantity and providing more oversight of link-building practices. Links are no longer as important as they once were as a core ranking signal.
  • New SPAM Policies: Google has revised its policies to more aggressively target manipulative behavior, particularly the abuse of expired domains and manipulative link schemes.

Recommendations for Adjusting SEO Strategy

  1. Prioritise Content Quality: With increased scrutiny of low-quality content, SEOs and content producers must focus on producing original, high-quality material. Regular content audits can help identify and improve or remove poorly performing content. Even if you make content with AI, be sure to publish it after having it verified by competent people.
  2. Review Link-Building Strategies: To adapt to the new changes in link evaluations, SEO professionals should update their link-building strategies. They should focus on obtaining high-quality backlinks from reputable sources and avoid schemes to manipulate rankings.
  3. Review and Update Old Content: You can improve your standing in search results by updating your old content. This is especially important for content that may no longer meet Google’s heightened quality standards.
  4. Monitor and Adapt to Algorithm Changes: It is vital to keep up with Google’s algorithm updates. Monitor your site’s performance using tools like Google Search Console and make adjustments based on insights from search analytics.
  5. Emphasise Branding: The winners of this update have been mainly sites belonging to big brands. Paying particular attention to branding and motivating and guiding our customers has become imperative. For example, online PR activities can strengthen our hand in this regard.

It would be naive to think this update is independent of the SGE we will face later this year. I think Google has primarily made room for this transition with this update.

Google’s March 2024 Core Update evaluates user experience and content quality over link manipulations like traditional SEO tactics. Creating valuable, high-quality content and adhering to ethical SEO practices allows website owners to align with Google’s goals and improve their search engine visibility.


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