Google’s August 2023 Core Algorithm Update Completed

Google has completed its August 2023 Core Algorithm Update. I explained its implications and offered advice on adapting SEO strategies.

Google completed the second core algorithm update of 2023 in August. This update started on August 22, 2023, and ended 16 days later, on September 7, 2023. So, what does this update mean, and what should we do next?

Importance of Update

Google algorithm updates are critical for all brands, businesses, and organizations. Because these updates directly affect how your site performs in search results. Any ranking change, positive or negative, can impact your organic traffic, conversions, and revenue.

What Was The Reason For The Update?

We can only convey our observations since Google has not clearly stated this issue. SEO expert Lily Ray, who has been examining the impact of such algorithm updates for years, shared her observations by making a LinkedIn post.

Ray observed that the August 2023 Core Algorithm Update specifically raised the “E” factor, which was newly added to Google’s EEAT (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness, and now Experience) criteria.

The “Experience” Factor

This is unsurprising because Google added the “Experience” factor to their Quality Raters Guideline (or QRG) in December 2022. Since QRG is a document that reflects where Google’s algorithms are heading, it makes sense that the “Experience” factor will play a more significant role for many sites this year.

Ray states that since August 2023, he found six sites with more than 90% growth in SEO visibility, and these sites have real experience. For example, they are written in the first person have original photos, and unique content.

This update shows that Google evaluates sites for expertise, authority, credibility, and user experience. If your site meets these criteria, you will most likely see a positive impact on your SEO performance.

Timing of the Update

Knowing when Google makes these types of updates helps you understand whether it’s a change you made to your website or a change Google made to its ranking algorithm.

What to Do Now?

This is an excellent time to review your analytics data and determine what improvements you want to make to your pages and content.

What to Do If We Have Been Negatively Affected?

Google has provided a series of questions for those negatively affected by kernel updates in the past. However, according to Google, a negative ranking effect may not necessarily mean something is “wrong” with your pages.

You can find questions for Google site owners negatively impacted by such updates.

In conclusion, Google’s August 2023 Core Algorithm Update is considered a highly effective update in the SEO industry. Now that the update is complete, examining your analytics data closely will be helpful to observe its effects and develop appropriate strategies.


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