Google Search Console Insights Guide: SEO Insights

Improve your SEO performance using Google Search Console Insights. Optimize your site with detailed analysis and applicable tactics.

I’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on how Google Search Console Insights can be used to shape SEO strategies and understand your website’s performance.

What Is Google Search Console Insights?

Google Search Console Insights pulls data from Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics and provides easy-to-understand reports. It offers five performance views and provides essential data for understanding user interactions with your site. These reports evaluate your content performance and give clear ideas on how you can improve your SEO strategies.

How to Access Reports?

Search Console Insights reports can be accessed from the link at the top of the search console overview page.

What is the Content of the Reports?

  • Achievements Report: Lists milestones for the site.
  • Performance Report on Google: Provides a graph showing daily click changes from Google.
  • Your Increasing Content Report: This shows the pages receiving more traffic and the number of clicks these pages received.
  • Your Most Popular Content Report: Lists the 15 most popular pages across the site.
  • How People Find You Report: The top search queries driving traffic to your website.

Tips for Understanding Reports

What is the Importance of Search Console Insights?

This tool illuminates your website’s overall health and performance trends. Highlighting key metrics and insights helps all stakeholders, regardless of SEO knowledge, understand their website’s trajectory and make more informed decisions about their SEO strategies.

Although the report is still in beta, the information presented is valuable to anyone looking to understand websites better and improve search performance.


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