Discover 6 New Features of ChatGPT!

Explore the six latest ChatGPT features, including enhanced command examples and file uploads, to elevate your user experience.

OpenAI added six new features to ChatGPT to increase user interaction.

  • The first feature, “Prompt Examples,” helps users initiate conversations by providing sample prompts.

  • The second, “Suggested Replies” makes interactions more dynamic by providing relevant options to continue discussions.
  • The third update streamlines user interactions by making GPT-4 the default Plus-user model.
  • The fourth feature allows up to ten files to be uploaded to the Code Interpreter, opening up new possibilities for in-depth analysis.

  • The fifth change redesigns login experiences, allowing users to stay logged in longer.
  • Finally, introducing keyboard shortcuts aims to speed up work and make ChatGPT more accessible. The complete list of shortcuts can be viewed by pressing ⌘ (Ctrl) + /, improving productivity and making ChatGPT more accessible for all users.

These improvements will benefit SEO strategists, content marketing managers, and other professionals who rely on this tool, significantly increasing productivity and efficiency.


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