6 Ways SEO Pros Are Using ChatGPT Right Now

ChatGPT has great potential to revolutionize search engine optimization. Here are some methods that are currently used in SEO projects.

You can use ChatGPT efficiently for many different SEO efforts. However, it is helpful not to accept the results it gives in its current form as one hundred percent correct and to think of it as a catalyst for generating new ideas.

Here are some sample SEO practices you can do with ChatGPT:

1. Creating Content

As I mentioned before, instead of placing the Content produced by ChatGPT on your site as it is, I recommend you use it after making adjustments and improvements. It will be better to use English. For example, ChatGPT’s answer to the “what is SEO” question is below.

After editing it with tools such as Grammarly, it is helpful to add your knowledge and experience. Then, you will produce content quickly with artificial intelligence and valuable content for users.

2. Keyword Research and Analysis

I should point out that ChatGPT is not a reliable source for giving search volumes. However, we can say that ChatGPT successfully finds search words regardless of search volumes.

3. Content Strategy Development

In this regard, ChatGPT can give you original ideas. For example, when I had a cryptocurrency blog and asked him to recommend a content strategy for me, he shared the following suggestions:

4. Better Understanding of Search Intent

For example, ChatGPT nicely sums up the intent behind users’ searches for “bank credit”:

5. Creating Good SEO Headlines

ChatGPT does an excellent job in this regard, too. For example, below you can find suggestions for blog post titles about “evergreen content”:

6. Generate and Manage Google Analytics Reports

I suggest you review the extensive article by Search Engine Journal on this subject.


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