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Will ChatGPT Take Your Job?

Automation and AI promise to revolutionize how many people work, but don’t worry — you’ll be needed for a long time.

ChatGPT has all the signs of being a technological game changer. So, will ChatGPT take your job?

Powered by machine learning and massive amounts of data, a chatbot interacts with users in an incredibly realistic way.

But this model created by OpenAI does much more than just virtual chats. It can produce content such as poems or term papers, debug code, answer queries, and more.

This is an exciting development. But on a personal level, it’s a bit of a concern, especially regarding its impact on job security.

If technology reaches a level that can do your job as well or better than you, what will you do for a living?

Most people have spent their entire careers working in one field. Do they all have to be carpenters or massage therapists? And if so, won’t the competition for these roles be intense? How will we survive?

Just that thought is enough to have a panic attack.

But relax. Breathe into a paper bag if necessary.

Things are not so hopeless.

Everything is going to be okay. Airplanes have a complex autopilot system and are controlled mainly by computers during flight, but the pilots sit there and adjust the computer’s controls as needed.

Yes, on a long enough time scale, technology will eventually take over your current role. However, this is unlikely to happen any time soon.

Machine learning and AI are still in their infancy, and you (hopefully) will have already retired before machines arrive for your business.

And before that happens, the power of tools like ChatGPT will allow you to fulfill your role with much greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The article in the Search Engine Journal looks at some of the businesses most likely affected by ChatGPT.

Will ChatGPT Take Our Job As SEO Consultants?

ChatGPT is already used by professionals in the industry, including myself. From keyword research and strategy to content creation and reporting, ChatGPT shows excellent potential. However, this does not mean you will be removed from your job.

No matter how powerful AI-powered programs are, they will never be human, meaning they will never have our creative flair or mental quirks (although ChatGPT does produce some impressive creative work!).

Current AI systems need both human-guided training and human input to train. This limits their knowledge of current and recent events and makes human-produced studies a fundamental part of their study.

They also need human accuracy checkers. And let’s not forget that Google considers AI-generated content against its guidelines. Still, the use of anti-AI detection algorithms is not without flaws.

In the foreseeable future, it looks like people will need to oversee AI-driven SEO, provide creative input, provide strategic direction, and adjust for changing search tides.

It seems unlikely to make a very long-term projection on this issue. But you will continue to protect your business for at least the next few years.


I see AI not as a threat but as an opportunity to make me a better SEO expert. Even if I don’t intend to compete with artificial intelligence, I try to push the limits of my creative potential by constantly improving myself. I know today that anyone can use AI; What will make the difference will be the creative questions they ask creative people and tools like ChatGPT. I have a blog page that I opened about this to sharpen the ax. I will wait 🙂


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