2024 Video Marketing Trends and Their Impact on SEO

This week, I would like to share how video marketing trends will take shape in 2024 and their impact on SEO.

Changes in the behavior of internet users, especially the viewership of YouTube videos and the fact that people prefer to watch videos more to get information make this topic meaningful.

  • AI Tools: Artificial intelligence will be essential in video production and editing. Significantly, AI-powered tools will increase efficiency and creativity in video marketing strategies.
  • Less Video in SERP Results: Google has decided to reduce the visibility of videos on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) on pages that are not the main content. This means that pages with videos as the main content should be prioritized in SEO strategies.
  • Use of Video in Newsletters and Emails: Newsletters can host video content. It became popular in 2023. This may require brands to make changes to their email marketing strategies.
  • Widespread Use of Product Videos: Product demonstrations in video format are gaining importance, especially for direct-to-consumer businesses.
  • Real People on Camera: Videos can help brands connect more intimately with their target audience. This trend is significant for startups.
  • Social Media Videos in Short Form: Short-form videos will likely remain popular with increased social media usage.
  • Return of Long-Form Video Content: Long-form content that appeals to those knowledgeable or specialized in a particular subject will continue to be effective, especially on YouTube.
  • Increase in Silent Videos: On social media, subtitles, and descriptive visuals will gain importance for videos that are watched with the sound off.
  • Budget-Friendly Video Marketing: Economic challenges and shrinking marketing budgets will bring more efficient and budget-friendly video marketing strategies to the forefront.

These trends, coupled with users’ increasing video consumption, will make the role of video content in SEO even more important. Following and implementing these trends can strengthen your brand’s digital presence.

Remember, content is king, but format can also be heir to the throne. Videos will allow you to communicate more effectively with your target audience and further your digital marketing strategies.


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