The 10 Most Effective SEO GPTs of 2024

Discover the 10 most effective GPTs for SEO in 2024. From content quality to keyword analysis, strengthen and transform your SEO efforts!

Developing technology and innovations in artificial intelligence are creating a significant transformation in the SEO world. GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) based tools, which you can use especially in ChatGPT, open new horizons in SEO projects.

Below, I share with you the 10 most effective GPTs that I have used and benefited greatly from:

  1. Schema Advisor GPT: Amanda Jordan’s Schema Advisor supports using for SEO development. It guides you through the proper use of schema markup to increase your website’s visibility in search results and drive more organic traffic.
  2. Quality Raters SEO Guide GPT: Google analyzes content according to quality rating guidelines.
  3. PDF AI: Extracts data from PDF contents. It’s quite helpful.
  4. Julian Goldie GPT: Offers up-to-date SEO strategies and advice.
  5. Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer GPT: Optimizes content according to Google guidelines.
  6. SEO: Search Query Analyzer: Analyzes user search intent.
  7. AI Text Generator GPT: Generates content for product descriptions, blog posts, and social media posts.
  8. SEO Mentor GPT: Offers SEO strategies according to Google Search Guidelines.
  9. Search Intent Optimization GPT: Align your blog posts with the Google Quality Raters Guide.
  10. GSC Keyword Ranking Changes Scatter Plot GPT: Dr. Marie Haynes has created a unique GPT that visualizes keyword ranking changes before and after updates using Google Search Console data. It helps you analyze the impact of updates on your keyword rankings and make informed SEO decisions.

These GPTs can improve content quality and user experience and boost your Google rankings. These artificial intelligence-supported tools reduce the workload of SEO experts, allowing them to perform more strategic and data-oriented work.

GPT-based tools offer new ways to increase efficiency and success in the SEO world. These tools, which provide a wide range of benefits from content quality to user intention analysis, from keyword strategies to ranking improvements, can take your SEO efforts to higher levels.


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