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How To Stand Out On Google Discover?

Google Discover offers users ever-changing and personalized content. However, there are some critical points to know when doing SEO work for Google Discover.

Discover opens new doors for the future of SEO. To use this platform effectively, it is not enough to produce quality content and optimize it correctly.

If you want to increase your discover traffic, you should learn these:

1. Google Discover Provides Unpredictable Traffic

Google Discover’s traffic flow is volatile and unpredictable. That’s why it shouldn’t be central to your core strategy; It should be considered an extra traffic source.

2. Provides User Behavior Insights

Google Discover provides valuable insights into user behavior. This helps you understand what content your audience likes to click on.

3. Internal Links Are Very Important

Internal linking can significantly increase a story’s Google Discover performance, especially for niche topics.

4. The Role of AMP is Unclear

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), recommended initially for Google Discover, have become controversial. Some of the news sites continue to use AMP. But many are making plans to get rid of AMP.

5. Provide Topical Authority

Establishing topical authority is critical. This long-term game requires consistently producing high-quality and authoritative content on specific topics.

6. Pay Attention to EEAT Best Practices

Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EEAT) is essential. False expertise or authorship can negatively impact your performance. Creating an imprint for an unreal person may create a negative situation.

7. Create Compelling Titles

Headlines play an essential role in attracting clicks on the Discover feed. However, there should be no clickbait. This rule does not apply in Turkey; Google does not pay the necessary attention to clickbait and turns a blind eye to people being made fools.

8. Pay attention to writers

Using a specific author’s name rather than a generic phrase can improve performance in Discover and help establish authority.

9. Use Tools to Discover Analysis

Google Search Console, GD Dash, and Chartbeat are valuable tools for analyzing Discover traffic and identifying opportunities.

You can monitor the performance of your content using the Performance Report for Discover.

10. Pay Attention to Visual Content

Original images and short videos can perform well in Explore. The important thing is to focus on unique, high-quality visual content. It is recommended that large images be at least 1,200 pixels wide.

In conclusion, SEO optimization for Google Discover involves a comprehensive understanding of the unpredictability of traffic and the importance of EEAT and topic authority.

You can learn more about the subject by watching the YouTube interview of SEO expert Aleyda Solis and her friends.


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