Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Officially Replaces Google Universal Analytics

The shutdown of UA has begun, but Google has stated that this will be done in stages, so some data may still be accessible.

The forced transition to GA4 is a historic milestone in digital marketing. Advertisers are now required to use GA4 to track the performance of their websites and campaigns unless they are looking for an analytics alternative outside of Google.

Universal Analytics (UA) has begun shutting down in phases. While some data remains accessible during this transition, Google’s push towards GA4 marks a significant shift in how digital marketing analytics are handled.

The phased decommissioning of UA allows marketers temporary access to specific datasets. As of this writing, the UA code on continues to collect data. However, all UA functions are scheduled to be discontinued. It’s crucial to adapt to GA4 quickly and utilize its new features effectively to maintain continuity in data analytics.

If you continue to use Google Analytics 4 after this stage, you must adapt to GA4 as soon as possible and use it effectively.

To do this, you can review the resources in Search Engine Journal.

If you want to specialize in GA4, you can enroll in one of the courses in the link.

If you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you can learn how to analyze your GA4 data using the plugin mentioned in the article whose link I shared.

If you haven’t completed the GA4 migration, you can migrate by reading the article we published on the Stradiji blog. Many surveys show that many sites have not yet completed the transition. I’m guessing that Google might stretch a little on the time it allows for this transition.


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