Branding Stands Out in Google’s SEO Guide, Keywords Decrease in Importance

Revisions to Google’s SEO Starter Guide signify a significant milestone in the world of SEO.

In the last episode of the “Search Off the Record” program, Google’s Search Relations team provided information about the changes in Google’s SEO Starter Guide.

The team, which includes John Mueller, Lizzie Harvey, and Gary Illyes, says the guide maintains a 91% user satisfaction rate. However, they believe it needs an overhaul to streamline outdated advice and better serve the core beginner audience.

Updates to Google’s SEO Starter Guide mark an essential milestone in the SEO world. These changes emphasize the increasing importance of branding and topical authority.

I have observed this trend for the last few years and emphasized the importance of good brand awareness in my consultancies. I stated that SEO does not consist of SEO work alone and that all marketing activities in other channels also contribute to SEO.

Importance of Branding:

With the updates to Google’s SEO guide, brand awareness, and authority will become more important than keyword density. Brands should create content highlighting their brand identity and values rather than just focusing on keywords.

Topical Authority and Content Strategy:

Topical authority refers to providing in-depth knowledge and expertise on a particular topic. As Google begins to rank this type of content higher, brands and content creators must produce robust, informative, and authoritative content on specific issues.

Busting SEO Myths:

Updates to Google’s guidance will help bust SEO myths and promote a more transparent understanding of SEO. SEO strategies must be based on more data and real user experiences.

Branding and User Experience:

Building a good brand is essential not only for search engines but also for user experience. Brands should focus on users’ needs and expectations and produce content that will provide them with value.


Considering these updates, SEO professionals should develop strategies to increase brand awareness and strengthen topical authority. This will make the content more effective and user-friendly, allowing them to achieve a better position in search engines and among users.

In conclusion, updates to Google’s SEO Beginner’s Guide usher in a new era in SEO. The increasing importance of branding and topical authority reshapes SEO strategies and encourages brands to deliver more meaningful and valuable content to users. These changes require SEO professionals and content producers to act with a user-focused and brand-conscious approach.



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